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Published on September 14, 2006 By Taranis In Welcome
I created this Blog mainly to discuss topics relating to strategy games, I'm 34 and became interested in gaming about 5 years ago, and have been playing various games ever since. The first game I played was (Unreal Tournament) a FPS, a Friend of mine gave me a MP demo of the game and I feel in love with it instantly. I found myself online competing every chance I could find a spare moment to play.

After about a year of playing UT and other FPS's, I was intrigued by other genres for my PC and found (Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings) and became just as enthralled with it as I had been with the demo of UT. And so began my affair with strategy games. My story continues much along the same path for discovering other games and platforms, so I wont bore you with details on how I found every game, sufficient to say I'm still on my quest for strategy games. Currently I play a verity of different strategy games (Civ4, Combat Mission, GalCiv2, Rise of Nations, Steel Panthers....) and platforms including PC and boardgames, I'm also just starting to learn how to play miniature wargames namely (Flames of War).

I plan on using this Blog to further my gaming enjoyment and knowledge, and to extend information to anyone who might be interested in the hobby.

on Sep 17, 2006
Welcome to JU! I'm not into gaming so you won't see me on your blog site too much. My son on the other hand absolutely goes mad over gaming. Unfortunately he doesn't blog...yet, he's 12. Maybe if I have a question one of these days. At any rate, enjoy your blogging experience!
on Sep 17, 2006
Thanks for the welcome foreverserenity, and congratulations on making it into the top 10!